Do I have to empty the fsCachedData folder myself?

I am uploading a lot of images with:

var data = NSData.FromUrl (NSUrl.FromString(url));
var img = UIImage.LoadFromData(data);


Then I cache the images into a folder and make sure that this folder is cleared every 7 days.

But I see that there is also a "Cache / 'app package name / fsCachedData" folder with all the images. At least it doesn't look like a simulator. Should I clear this as well? Is there a way to prevent image caching here? Or can I delete the folder myself?


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We see this in one of our apps. According to this link , this is an iOS 8 bug that Apple has now fixed with the iOS 8.1 update.

So, to answer your question: No, you won't need to delete the cache yourself and with luck, Apple's fix will actually clear the old data. If for some reason not, you can uninstall it yourself without any problem.

[Edit] I've verified that iOS 8.1 actually fixes this issue. The user has to run the application once after refresh for the cache to be cleared.



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