Google Play error - Error retrieving information from server [DF-SA-01]

I am getting this error when I try to install an app via google play service with my Android 2.3.6 .:

Error retrieving information from server [DF-SA-01] ***

This started quite recently and I am unable to install any app from the google play service.

How can I fix this?


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On my Samsung Galaxy S I resolved the [DF-SA-01] error by going to Settings, Application Manager, Select All, browsed Play Store / Android Market, clicked Clear Data 'and / or uninstall updates ...

Reboot your phone. Try it if you can install the app right now. Hope this helps.



I have tried all the methods mentioned but with no success. An alternative way to download an application from the Play Store is to download from the Internet (PC / laptop). This will be automatically installed on your Android phone.



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