Qt How do I pass a QkeySequence to the qshortcut () function to work over a connection (signal, slot)?

I am trying to connect multiple shortcuts to a slot to get their key value and add it to a variable. Something like entering text, so I do something like this:

button_1 = new QShortcut::QShortcut(QKeySequence("1"),this);
connect(button_1,SIGNAL(activated(QKeySequence)),this, SLOT(keybord_shortcuts(QKeySequence)));


which is wrong because it activated()

won't get the sequence that triggers the shortcut for my slot keybord_shortcuts


No such signal QShortcut::activated(QKeySequence)


Is there any other way besides activated()

? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Yes, there is activated(QKeySequence)

no such signal and you need to connect to the signal activated()


 connect(button_1, SIGNAL(activated()), this, SLOT(keybord_shortcuts()));


But you can get the real label in the slot using sender()


 void keybord_shortcuts()
      QShortcut* shortcut = qobject_cast<QShortcut*>(sender());
      QKeySequence seq = shortcut->key();




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