How to create a batch file on Mac?

I need to find a solution at work to back up certain folders daily, hopefully to a RAR or ZIP file.

If it was on a PC, I would have done it already. But I don't know how to approach it on Mac.

What I basically want to achieve is an automated task that can be started with an executable that does the following:

  • compress specific directory ( /Volumes/Audio/Shoko

    ) into rar or zip file.

    (the zip file excludes all * .wav files in all subdirectories and the names of the "Video" directories).

  • move it to a network share ( /Volumes/Post Shared/Backup From Sound


    (or compress directly into this folder).

  • automate zip file name with dynamic date and time (so no duplicate file names).

  • Shutting down the Mac when finished.

I want to reiterate that I usually don't use a Mac, so things like the file that opens for the script and stuff that isn't trivial for me yet.

I tried to put Mark bash lines (from the first answer below) in a txt file and executed it, but it had errors and didn't work.

I also tried to use Automator, but it's too simple, no additional parameters.

How can i do this?

I would love a working example :)




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You can just make a bash

script that does the backup and then you can either double click it or run it on schedule. I don't know your paths and / or selection tools, but something along these lines:

FILENAME=`date +"/Volumes/path/to/network/share/Backup/%Y-%m-%d.tgz"`
cd /directory/to/backup || exit 1
tar -cvz "$FILENAME" .


You can save this to your desktop as backup

and then go to Terminal and type:

chmod +x ~/Desktop/backup


to make it executable. Then you can simply double-click on it - obviously after changing the paths to reflect what you want to do and where.

Also, you can use some other tools like rsync

, but the method is the same.



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