Jenkins - Dynamic Extended Choice option to populate multilevel select list

Is there a way to use a dynamic (modified) Extended Choice parameter to bind with an Extended Choice Parameter multilevel box to populate a first level list box?

For example, if I had:

Moded extended choice parameter

It will link to this box below:

Extended choice multi level

If you have the first level (Choice) by default with their choice ModedChoice (Choice1, Choice2, Choice3) or based on their choice ModedChoice, Value1 will be filled (in which case I would choose the choice level).

I know that the second method I was talking about could be done for a single picklist as described on the wiki and it will look for a text file Choice1.txt, Choice2.txt, etc. that will contain the values ​​Value1 ( i.e. key = value1.1, value1.2, value1.3, etc.).

I could not figure out how to have this key containing a multilevel list as it is a tab-delimited format for separating columns i.e.

Choice    Value1    Value2
choice1    value1.1    value2.1
choice1    value1.1    value2.2
choice2    value1.2    value2.1
choice2    value1.1    value2.5
choice3    value1.2    value2.7



I tried something like (Choice1.txt):

key='Value1    Value2
value1.1    value2.1
value1.1    value2.2
value1.2    value2.1
value1.1    value2.5
value1.2    value2.7'   


etc. for Choice2.txt and Choice3.txt.

But that just fills in the tiered level with Value1 Value2


I tried binding to another Moded Choice (Multi Select) and left the Key field blank and kept the appropriate tab-delimited format for the multi-level select list, but it still outputs Value1 Value2



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