Python for Android: Cython file compilation error

After git cloning python-for-android, I tried to build a distro:

./ -m "kivy"


And got a few errors like this:

Error compiling Cython file:
        vertex_format.last_shader = self
        for i in xrange(vertex_format.vattr_count):
            attr = &vertex_format.vattr[i]
            if attr.per_vertex == 0:
            attr.index = glGetAttribLocation(self.program, <char *><bytes>

kivy/graphics/shader.pyx:448:63: Casting temporary Python object to non-numeric non-Python type


Found this answer which didn't help solve my problem:

sudo apt-get remove --purge cython
sudo pip install cython


Do I need a specific version of Cython?



Thanks to @RyanP, I tried to run:

cython -V
cython shader.pyx


Well the Cython version looks ok:

Cython version 0.21


But still shader.pyx won't compile with the same error.

Another update

I did both:

  • Used the advice of @inclement and removed both build

    and dist

  • Used by export P4A_kivy_DIR=/path/to/cloned/kivy/

Finally it was created dist/default



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I don't believe this was built for Cython 0.21, but for Cython 0.20, try installing kivy with cython 0.20

pip install cython == 0.20

Here is a thread describing the problem



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