Table 8.2 with Bigquery, how to auto-update authentication?

Desktop version of Tableau 8.2. We update the dashboard every 4 minutes (using an AutoIt script to actually do the click and F5), but every about half an hour it brings up this dialog asking for manual activation of authentication with bigquery. How could we avoid this problem? We need to constantly update everything automatically.

Invalide username or password

Solved I originally used desktop version 8.2.0. This issue was addressed by updating to version 8.2.3 for desktops. Thank you all for your help.


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According to the spreadsheet documentation , you need a Tableau server for this:

Note. If you have not published your workbook or data source to Table Server, you cannot insert OAuth credentials to bypass authentication and directly connect to data. For information on using built-in OAuth credentials with published workbooks and data sources, see the next section, OAuth on Tableau Server, and related topics.

BTW If you have a Tableau server, read this article for help setting up Oauth.



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