How to make SKSpritekit nodes bounce off each other

I know how to set up the physical attributes, but I don't know what code I need to do to make them reflect off each other in a realistic way, like balls on a pool table. I have a didBeginContact method ready,

uint32_t collision = (contact.bodyA.categoryBitMask | contact.bodyB.categoryBitMask);
if (collision == (gearCategory | gear1Category)) {


but i have no idea what code i need, can someone with good math and vectorization skills help me?


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This is a very simple task in a set of sprites.

//Add to top of scene
static const uint32_t spriteCategory =  0x1 << 0;

//declare when creating sprite
sprite.physicsBody.categoryBitMask = spriteCategory;
sprite.physicsBody.collisionBitMask = spriteCategory;


To do this, a sprite is set that collides with all sprites given spriteCategory as their categoryBitMask. You can customize your sprite to several different categories using the following code.

sprite.physicsBody.collisionBitMask = spriteCategory|otherCategory|anotherCategory;


Contact trigger is used to execute some code when nodes are touched. You must use the contactTestBitMask property to detect when elements are touched. collisionBitMask automatically handles conflicts for you.

I have attached a link containing the entire section on collision and contact.



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