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AngularJS noob here. I am trying to generate a table dynamically when the user enters a number into an input field and the table returns 10 rows of exponential values ​​in sequence. For example:

<div ng-controller='myController'>
<input type="text" ng-model="number">
<tr ng-repeat='item in ebooks'><td>{{$index}}</td><td>{{ item.amt}}</td><td> {{ Math.pow(number, $index+1 }}</td>
<td>{{  Math.pow(number,$index+1) * item.amt   }}</td></tr>


In my controller, I have data e-books.

app.controller('myController',function($scope) {
$scope.ebooks = [{amt:0.25},{amt:0.10},{amt:0.05},{item:0.02}];


I am trying to create a table where the cell number displays the corresponding exponential number and another column that multiplies the exponential number by the element value. I think I should be using Service or Factory, but I don't know which is the correct approach. The result I want is:

 enter number = 5
 Item     Price   Number  Total
  1       0.25    5        1.25
  2       0.1     25        2.5
  3       0.05    125       3.25


in my services i tried to do this:

app.service('MathService', function(){
this.Expo = function (a) {return Math(a, $index +1)};


But it doesn't work.

I have read several other tutorials on displaying arrays in Factory, but I cannot understand them. I think I need to create it in a factory, adding the Expo key to the ebooks dataset, so it looks like {item: value, expo: value}.

Very confusing and flawed. Help!


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Just use $filter

, namely:

.filter('mathPow', function(){
    return function(base, exponent){
        return Math.pow(base, exponent);


And you can use it like this:

<div ng-controller='myController'>
    <input type="text" ng-model="number">
        <tr ng-repeat='item in ebooks'>
            <td>{{ item.amt}}</td>
            <td>{{ number|mathPow:$index+1 }}</td>
            <td>{{ (number|mathPow:($index+1))*item.amt}}</td>





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