How do I disable the Latest News tab in IncrediBuild for Visual Studio 2012?

I am using IncrediBuild 5.0 from Visual Studio 2012 and I noticed that the IncrediBuild tab has a Breaking News section that changes text every few seconds, which I find quite distracting, consuming a lot of screen real estate from IncrediBuild's status bar.

I bet someone got a really nice bonus for this feature

The tab has a close button that actually closes the tab and then reappears after a while (not sure if this happens a few days later, after a restart, or after restarting Visual Studio).

Anyway, I cannot find a way to completely disable this rather annoying "feature". I have checked all the agent settings and I cannot find anything remotely similar to what I am looking for.

Does anyone know how I can completely disable the Latest News tab in IncrediBuild?


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This "feature" has annoyed me for ages. A colleague found something:

in the installation folder (Program Files \ Xoreax \ Incredibuild) check the \ news \ news.dat file. There EnableNews=1

is a flag inside , turn it off.



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