Qt: customizing app icon on Android and iOS

I am developing an application that needs to work on
Windows, MacOSX, Android and iOS.

I found out how to install an icon on Windows and Mac, but how does it work on Android and iOS?

Thanks for reading!
EDIT: I am not using the Nessecitas SDK. There is no AndroidManifest.xml in my project folder. However, there is a folder in the same directory as my project folder named "build-myProjectName-Android_f_r_armeabi_GCC_4_8_Qt_5_3_1-Release" which contains the "android-build" folder which contains the manifest.


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You have to create an Android manifest file and edit it in Qt Creator.

Since Qt 5.4 along with QtCreator 3.3.0, you must go to Projects> Build Android APK> Details

Now select Create Templates to create a manifest file and open it in an editor:

enter image description here

As shown in the picture, you can set three versions of the icons for your application with low, medium and high DPI values ​​from left to right.

In previous versions of Qt and Qt Creator, you have to go to Projects-> Run-> Deploy and select Create AndroidManifest.xml .



your android manifest has a line android:icon="@drawable/launcher_icon"

set your icon name here and here it is while in iOS you can use image objects to drag icons and popups easily



Creating a new project in eclipse will create a launcher icon named ic_launcher (can be changed) in 4 different sizes as http://developer.android.com/design/style/iconography.html says 48 * 48.72 * 72.96 * 96 and 144 * 144, and these icons can be found in the mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi folders. Change these icons as needed. You can check the manifest.xml file and view the android: icon = "@ drawable / ic_launcher" file.



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