Android RTSP Streaming over TCP

We are facing some problem with TCP streams, so we need help.

Project requirements: RTSP is transmitted over TCP. Take a snapshot of the streaming video. Stream multiple videos on one screen.

We used Android media player for RTSP streaming. But the media player only supports RTSP over UDP, it crashes over TCP. We need to support RTSP stream over TCP in the project.

Android VLC player supports RTSP streaming over TCP protocol. We tried VLC using this link . But we cannot play multiple videos on the same screen, and also the snapshot capability cannot be realized as VLC uses SurfaceView to load videos.

Any suggestion regarding "streaming multiple RTSP videos over TCP" and "Snapshot" would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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the VLC code is now updated.

  • it supports multiple instances.
  • You can use texture view to get a snapshot rather than a surface view.

hope this helps;)



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