Onvif - trying to understand how it works

First of all, I have no experience with ONVIF. I got a scholarship at a company and asked to work with it (to control some cameras and get photos from them), but they don't know how it works, so nobody can help me ...

I've read the specs available on the ONVIF webpage, but I really don't get it. I know I need to use SOAP, C (I was asked to make an application in C), XML and Web Services. As far as I understand, I have no idea how I should use them. I'm not here for you to do the job for me (it's not fun). I just wanted to know if anyone here can learn a little about what to start learning and in what order. If I forgot to explain something, I'll add it as soon as I can.


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So, you should start with gSOAP .

Pelco has a manual to get started with gSOAP, this is for windows, but it is valid for Linux. When you start learning about gSOAP, check out the latest gSOAP FAQ about namespaces.

Finally, there is an Application Programmer's Guide on the ONVIF website , which is old but still interesting. ONVIF has a forum for anyone to learn about the protocol. It does not require you to participate in accessing it, you can join it for free and check all the questions there.



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