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I'm trying to create a custom groupstyle for my ListView as per other questions I've seen here on Stack Overflow.

public class TestGroupStyleSelector : GroupStyleSelector
    protected override GroupStyle SelectGroupStyleCore(object item, uint level)
            return (GroupStyle)App.Current.Resources["grpStyle"];

<ListView GroupStyleSelector="{StaticResource grpStyleSelector}">


I have two errors:

Error 1 'TestGroupStyleSelector': cannot be obtained from closed type 'System.Windows.Controls.GroupStyleSelector'

Error 2 An object of type 'TestGroupStyleSelector' cannot be applied to a property that type 'System.Windows.Controls.GroupStyleSelector' expects.

I have declared a class as other questions here have shown, I am quite lost at this point how to create a groupstyleselector for my list, any ideas?


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GroupStyleSelector is the delegate exposed by the ItemsControl:


    public GroupStyleSelector GroupStyleSelector
        get { return (GroupStyleSelector) GetValue(GroupStyleSelectorProperty); }
        set { SetValue(GroupStyleSelectorProperty, value); }



   public delegate GroupStyle GroupStyleSelector(CollectionViewGroup group, int level);


It is a delegate of a type that cannot be inherited from do prior to language specifications.

what you need to do is create a class derived from StyleSelector:

public class GroupStyleSelector : StyleSelector
    public override Style SelectStyle(object item, DependencyObject container)
        return base.SelectStyle(item, container);




In WPF using

<ListView GroupStyleSelector="{StaticResource grpStyleSelector}" />


and inheriting your selector from GroupStyleSelector will result in a "cannot be obtained from private type" System.Windows.Controls.GroupStyleSelector exception.

Use instead

     <GroupStyle ContainerStyleSelector="{StaticResource grpStyleSelector}"  />


and inherits your selector from StyleSelector



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