Ability to distinguish between OpenERP / Odoo server version

I am developing a mobile app that needs to work with 7 or 8 protocol versions via raw json rpc requests. And after hours of searching, I'm still wondering how to determine which version of OpenERP / Odoo the server is using? Any ideas or maybe there are some specific requests to know server build information.

Thanks in advance.

Update Thanks to @Mischievous answer. This gave me a point. So my solution is a query likeyour.server.url/web/webclient/version_info


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Yes, you can find server information from here. Take a look at the screenshot.

Just click "About Ode"

enter image description here



In 7 and 8 just import openerp and it is in openerp.release.version.

You might have to write something of your own that returns this though.



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