How to create complex query parameters in Restangular

I need to create a rather complex query string in Restangular.,displayName,name,cn


How to do it?

So far my guess is as far as possible: anr = Smith using this:

return Restangular.all('/people').getList({anr:searchTerm});


The last part attrs = x, y, x allows me to control which attributes I want to find in the search, and can change every query I make.

Any advice is appreciated.


I am


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You should be able to just add another query parameter where the value is a comma-separated list of attributes.

var attributes = ['givenName' , 'displayName']; // attributes you require for the request
var attributesAsString = attributes.join();

return Restangular.all('/people').getList({
    anr : searchTerm,
    attrs: attributesAsString




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