Pushing to GitHub using cron job - Permission denied (publickey)

I created an SSH key (following the official tutorial ), added it to GitHub, and created a Bash script that commits and pushes one file to my repository on Github. When I run this script from the command line everything works fine and updates are pushed. However, when I set up the job with crontab -e

, clicking generates the following error:

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly


I edited the user's crontab ( crontab -e

) i.e. I am NOT using sudo crontab -e

. I am running Ubuntu 12.04.


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if it is not a user issue (where you run the job as root, the right $ HOME / .ssh folder is missing) it might be a problem with the phrase :

it turns out that I was wrong and the ssh key is password protected (when booting the keychain ssh-agent), so why didn't it work with the script, but not when running from a bash session.
Adding . ~/.keychain/$HOSTNAME-sh

to my script solved the problem.

The passphrase bit is detailed in Can't ssh to remote machine using shell script in Crontab :

You can make ssh connections inside a cron session. You need to set up public key authentication to be able to access without access.
For this you need to have it PubkeyAuthentication yes

on every remote server sshd_config




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