How to see my permission level on a Sharepoint site

I think I might be a reader or a member, but I cannot find a way to be sure what my permission level is. What can I click in Sharepoint (2013) to see my own permission level? When I ask this question to Google, I only find information on how to set permission levels for other users (assuming I am the owner of the site).


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There is no way for a user without sufficient permissions to know what rights they have.

You will usually find it by selecting:

Site Settings> Site Permissions> Check Permissions

The only option you have left is basically the process of removing standard SharePoint permissions. (This might give you reasonable guidance if they haven't created custom permission levels.)

Most of the relevant SharePoint permissions:

• View only - View pages, list items, and documents. Document types with server-side file handlers can be viewed in a browser, but not downloaded.

• Reading - can view pages, list items and download documents.

• Limited access. Can view specific lists, document libraries, list items, folders, or documents when granted permissions.

• Approve - can edit and approve pages, list items and documents.

• Contribute - allows you to view, add, update and delete items and documents in the list.

• Modify - can add, edit and delete lists; can view, add, update and delete list items and documents.

• Moderate - can view, add, update, delete and moderate list items and documents

• Design - can view, add, update, delete, approve and customize.

• Full control - Full control.



There is no OOB way to do this unless you have access to the checkout permission page.

However, if you can code a little, you can access the effective resolution for the current for any securable object using the SPSecurableObject.EffectiveBasePermissions property .

As a reminder SPSecurableObject

is an abstract class ancestor classes SPWeb

, SPlist

, SPFolder

and SPListItem


This property will show the actual permissions the current user has.

If you need a role (authorization level), the SPSecurableObject.AllRolesForCurrentUser property will do the job.

However, you should be aware that there is a dedicated SharePoint StackExchange site .



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