How do I manually remove the Multi-Device / CTP2 Hybrid Application Preview?


  • Visual Studio 2013 SP3
  • Windows 7 Pro SP1


  • JavaScript Service JavaScript is getting disabled and disabled!
  • Unable to uninstall Multi-Device Agile Extension !!!!
  • Can't find vs2013mda_1.exe?
  • Cannot reinstall with vs2013mda_2.exe
  • Unable to work with LightSwitch HTML Client projects
  • Can't work with Bootstrap Projects .
  • Can't uninstall, reinstall, or repair extension

I installed Multiple Hybrid Apps Preview (VS2013mda_1.exe) in August 2014, and after installation, I removed VS2013mda_1.exe from my downloads folder.

I found that after opening one of my production LightSwitch HTML Client applications, the JavaScript Language Service crashes and shuts down .

Several people have reported similar issues where the JavaScript Language Service crashes and shuts down for different project types - LightSwitch, Bootstrap, etc. associated with this extension. I just want to remove / remove this extension

When you try to uninstall the Multi-Device Flexible Application Extension, the program will blink on the progress and status screen. Setup Completed Successfully. The program has been removed.

However, the extension is not removed from my workstation and is still showing as a project template type in Visual Studio 2013 SP3.


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Try the following command (in admin mode):

"%ProgramData%\Package Cache\{dea88246-f74a-4171-ad6c-d9c978bf2973}\vs2013mda_0.1.exe" /uninstall /passive /force /burn.ignoredependencies={53d408db-eb91-43fb-9d8f-167681c19763};vsupdate_KB2829760



I am giving an error when running the manual delete command in a power shell: D

run on command line



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