Can't see build phases, general settings in Xcode 6.1

I just downloaded the XCode 6.1 seed.

I have this problem with one specific project. The information view of the project is completely different. There are no General, Build sections. All I can see is build information and settings.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? None of my old projects have this problem.


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I found the problem.

This was a bug in the noob. In the target settings of the project, my target was the project, not the application.

Choosing the right target brought back the sections.



It's sneaky - you hit the show / icon hide Project Targets List

and it spits out the name of the project and its goals at the bottom. Click one of them and you will get the "Assemble Phases" option.enter image description here



The OP's problem was that build steps were n't showing when opening project settings.

Simple fix:

enter image description here

Expand the left side panel.

Your project file is selected. (in my case it is called "opengl-series") This is a problem.

enter image description here

You want to select an application . (in my case "CGTutorial")

Build phases are now displayed along with other settings.



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