Is there a Google Maps equivalent for mkmapsnapshotter?

I have UITableView

one that can potentially contain a large number of cells, and in some cells I want to UIImageView

show a location map whose coordinates are only known at runtime.

I want the table view to scroll smoothly and I want the cards in the cells to not scroll at all.

I was asked to avoid Apple Maps. Also, MKMapSnapshotter

- iOS 7 and above. I have to support iOS 6.

So, is the Google Maps Image API my best option?

I am already using Google Maps iOS SDK , so I would like to use it for this if possible. But does it have this function? Equivalent MKMapSnapshotter

? I'm surprised I can't find it in the documentation.


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There was a class in the SDK GMSScreenshot

that could be used for screenshots. However, in version 1.2 Google removed this as you could use renderInContext

. You can see some reference information and sample code here:

Google Maps IOS SDK 1.2 requires a map display snapshot

GMSMapView screen capture issue in Google Maps SDK for iOS

I think renderInContext

(and GMSScreenshot

before it) is for taking a screenshot with a map view that is already in the view, has been displayed for a while, loaded map slices, etc. m not sure if it will work well if you have created a map view in the background, set the camera position to the lat / lon you want, map it to the image and then repeat for other locations you want.

So, I suspect the Google Maps Imaging API will work better for what you are doing.



Why aren't you using google maps static api

they are made for this kind of purpose.



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