Inserting Items into Qt :: TreeWidget

Using QtRuby (via qtbindings ) I am trying to add items to QTreeWidget

. It says it has a method insertTopLevelItems()

, but it doesn't respond to it:

hier = $my.appHierarchy
hier.column_count = 2
hier.header_labels = ['element', 'kind']
p hier.class, hier.methods.grep(/insert/)
#=> Qt::TreeWidget
#=> ["insertAction", "insertActions", "insertTopLevelItem", "insertTopLevelItems"]

hier.insertTopLevelItems ['x','y']
#=> in `method_missing': undefined method `insertTopLevelItems' for #<Qt::TreeWidget:0x007fc6c9153528> (NoMethodError)


How do I add items to this widget?

Ruby 2.0.0p353; Qt 4.8.6; OS X 10.9.5


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You get method missing

because your arguments are of the wrong type. Unlike Ruby, C ++ must conform to arguments and result types, and a qtruby wrapper.

When called, insertTopLevelItems

you are missing the index argument and you have to build Qt::TreeWidgetItem

from each line. If the tree is empty, addTopLevelItem(...

does the same asinsertTopLevelItem(0,...

Here's some sample code to try:

(1..10).each do |n|
  item =
  item.setText(0, "item #{n}/1")
  item.setText(1, "item #{n}/2")
  hier.insertTopLevelItem(0, item)
  #  hier.addTopLevelItem(item)  # same effect as previous line



itemlist = (1..10).collect do |n|
  item =
  item.setText(0, "item #{n}/1")
  item.setText(1, "item #{n}/2")
hier.insertTopLevelItems(0, itemlist)
#  hier.addTopLevelItems(itemlist)  # same effect as previous line




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