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I think I am going to go with UserVoice for a free user voting service because they are the only ones I have found that offer an API (this is a requirement for me because I need to be able to create a user interface).

But it looks like the user cannot upload an image with their offer - only text.

I need users to be able to upload their description and image to go with it.

So, I'll upload my own image upload using a DB solution and bind the image id to the proposal id generated by UserVoice ...

If there is no better way?

  • Another free voting service with API and image uploads?
  • A download function for UserVoice that I somehow forgot?
  • Existing other third party library specifically for adding image upload functionality to UserVoice?

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According to the documentation on the site, image uploads are only available for paid plans. The site quotes him asImage uploads are available on all paid plans.

See this link: http://feedback.uservoice.com/forums/1-general-feedback/suggestions/2764526-upload-and-host-embedded-images-within-uservoice



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