How to resolve jbossews in openshift: Failed: "restart control"?

When I click my app in Openshift it loads and the final messages

remote: Starting jbossews cartridge
remote: jbossews process failed to start
remote: Git Post-Receive Result: failure
remote: Activation status: failure
remote: Activation failed for the following gears:
remote: 5433a24de0b8cd0dfa----- (Error activating gear: CLIENT_ERROR: 
Failed to execute: 'control start' for 

remote: Deployment completed with status: failure
remote: postreceive failed


Also when I manually restart the app from the Openshift site it showed me

"Unable to complete the requested operation"
"Starting jbossews cartridge
jbossews process failed to start
The jbossews cartridge is already stopped
Failed to execute: 'control restart' for /var/lib/openshift/5433a24de0b8cd0dfa-----/jbossews"


How can you resolve this error message?


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This can happen due to many different problems. You can try checking the log to see what is wrong:

rhc tail -a myapp




Key error message " postreceive failed

": You need to check why your application is not deploying as expected.

You will find an example in this thread :

Your project does not have the correct structure for a maven based project.
Try to create jboss ews 2 gear then git clone

files from there and check the structure.
If you want to use an option --from-code

, it must be structured like this. Including pom.xml

with the openshift profile.
You can view the correct structure here: source-server / cartridges / open-start-source-cartridge-jbossews / template .

If you just want to link your app to the war file and add it to the webapps directory, you can delete the directory src

and pom.xml

and do that.

You should be able to easily move the project to the correct structure.



For me, I noticed a slight difference between the repo template and my own.

First, I didn't create a folder webapps

with .gitkeep

. Secondly, I needed Java 7 and didn't create the file .openshift/markers/java7

(I didn't know Java 6 was used by default).

After completing both of these tasks, deployment worked for me.



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