Returns a "string" from a stream

I am using streams and I want the stream to read a string and return it in main, so I can use it mostly. Could you help me? This is what I am doing, but it shows strange characters in the output:


char *usr=malloc(sizeof(char)*10);
return (void*)usr;



char usr[10];



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Allows to allocate some memory in a thread function and copy some string to that memory.

Then, return a pointer to that memory from the thread function.

In the main function to get the return value of this stream function use pthread_join()

, you need to enter the receiver value as(void**)

see below code.


void *
incer(void *arg)
    long i;

        char * usr = malloc(25);
        strcpy(usr,"hello world\n");
        return usr;

int main(void)
    pthread_t  th1, th2;
    char * temp;

    pthread_create(&th1, NULL, incer, NULL);

    pthread_join(th1, (void**)&temp);
        printf("temp is %s",temp);
    return 0;


Is this what you want.



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