How to render a view in sitecore 7.2 MVC ..?

I am building an MVC application in Sitecore 7.2 MVC, I installed sitecore 7.2 and hosted it in IIS I also added a Views, Controller and Models folder. I created Views and now I am processing it with a controller action in sitecore. I'm a little confused here. I can't find the RouteConfig file, so when I define the HomeController and the basic action that is executed first ..

Any MVC expert with sitecore please help me how to execute HomeController action to render the view.



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No manual registration required. After creating the view method and controller action, simply create a new controller render and fill in the Controller and Method fields with the appropriate controller and method names. Sitecore already has a default route set and it uses dependency injection to pull the right-hand control using values ​​from the Controller and Method fields.



As Vasily pointed out, you need to create a render of the controller. Sitecore does not use the same routing mechanism as a standard ASP.NET MVC application.


  • Creating a controller and controller action
  • Create view
  • Create a controller render in Sitecore> Layout> Renderings (I usually organize my renderings in application specific folders like SiteA, SiteB, etc.)
  • Add rendering to content item

In the Render Controller you will need to fill in the Action Controller and Controller properties.

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