How do I get the content of my web browser control in my MS Access report when printed?

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Hello to all. I have not been successful in my attempts to do the following:

To render the content (in this example, a static google map using api) of my web browser control, it is visible when my MS Access 2010 report is in preview and when I export it in pdf format.

In my working example, I have the following three objects in my Access 2010 database:

1) table - "tbl_Locations" (which contains location data on three sites)

The table looks like this:

LocationID | Location_Name |      Address         | Zip | 

      1          Site A      162 East 33rd street  10016
      2          Site B      550 1st Avenue        10016
      3          Site C      151 West 26th Street  10001


enter image description here

2) form - "frm_Locations" (control source of this form is "tbl_Locations"). Notably, this is a form that contains a webbrowser control object (where google static maps are generated from the data in "tbl_Locations").

Form in design:

enter image description here

Form in form:

enter image description here

3) a report called "rpt_Locations" (where I have embedded the "frm_Locations" object)

Report in Report View

enter image description here

Report in 'Preview'

enter image description here

If you clicked on the above image links, you will see that the web browser control and its content are visible in the Form view for "frm_Locations" and "Report" for "rpt_Locations".

However, this is not the case in the Preview view for "rpt_Locations". Also, I cannot see the webbrowser control or static google map in it when I export the pdf report object.

I would like to know why this is happening and if there is a VBA solution I can use to improve this.


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Static Maps API seems to return JPG of google maps from url

Then you can load the jpg in your browser or paste the jpg into your report and presumably this will display in your pdf.

Like this url,-73.998672&zoom=12&size=400x400

provides this card

enter image description here



From what I've read on the internet, I'm not sure if this is possible.

I've found a couple of posts that imply hope, but none of them indicate specific success. It's here and here

Alternatively, if instead of trying to do the whole thing because of access, create a pdf file first, then you should be able to paste the link you want after that, as shown here



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