SDK manager startup error: "find_java.exe is incompatible with the version of Windows you are running on"

I am trying to run android sdk manager in android studio but it shows me the following error:

Can't launch SDK Manager


This version C: \ PROGRA ~ 1 \ Android \ ANDROI ~ 1 \ sdk \ tools \ lib \ find_java.exe is incompatible with the Windows version you are running on. Check your computer system information to see if you need x86 (32-bit) or 64-bit software, then contact the software publisher.

ERROR: No suitable Java found. To use the Android Developer Tools properly, you need the correct Java JDK version installed on your system.

As far as the error message is concerned, on my system, I have a 32 bit java sdk1.7, 32 bit OS, already set the JAVA_HOME variable to the java install path, but it shows the same error. On another system I have 64 bit config, it works well, any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks a lot for helping the guys. I just updated my windows to 64 bit. Updated JDK to 64-bit version. Everything is working fine now.



Fixed the same issue. SDK manager now opens without any problem at the end.

Solution 1 (works great): Download find_java.exe file from previous (working) SDK. Ref: Google Drive Paste and replace the downloaded file with% ProgramFiles% \\ tools \ lib \

Solution 2: Download the previous SDK and replace it with the current version. Link:

Solution 3: In /tools/android.bat set java_exe =% ProgramFiles% \\ bin \ java.exe comment out the call to REM Lib \ find_java.bat



You are not saying in your question, but it looks like you recently updated your SDK to 23.0.4. If so, there is a bug fixed in the release:

The error is that there was a bad version of the utility find_java.exe

that came with that version. This has been fixed in 23.0.5, which is currently missing.

As another workaroud, you can either replace this utility from the previous SDK version, or copy the find_java.exe

one linked to comment # 11 in the bug:

to a directory tools\lib\

in your SDK.



When I used windows I had a similar error. First, you must check the JAVA_HOME path carefully. If you are sure that in your JAVA_HOME path there may be two different jdk installed on your machine. You map your JAVA_HOME and jdk path to Android Studio.



The same issues reported above ( ) returned with package version r24 in Android Studio 1.0

The error is in tools \ lib \ find_java.bat, just below these lines

reg Query "HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\CentralProcessor\0" |^
find /i "x86" > NUL && set arch_ext=32 || set arch_ext=64


add the correct instruction for your system like

set arch_ext=32




There are 2 questions in find_java.bat

  • conflict with dos search and unix find.

    -> use findstr instead of find

  • setting the "arch_ext" skips

    (currently arch_ext is set to "32" (space included))

    -> remove space after 32

Then you must

- find / i "x86"> NUL && set arch_ext = 32 || set arch_ext = 64

+ findstr / i "x86"> NUL && set arch_ext = 32 || set arch_ext = 64



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