How do I read multivalued cookies in SignalR?

How can multivalued cookies be read in SignalR Hub?

For example: I have a cookie that is stored as

var myCookie = new NameValueCollection();
myCookie.Add("IdOne", "Value1");
myCookie.Add("IdTwo", "Value2");

var webDummyCookie = new CookieHeaderValue("dummyCookie", myCookie);
response.Headers.AddCookies(new CookieHeaderValue[] { webDummyCookie });


How can I get the values ​​for IdOne and IdTwo separately?

All I can do with SignalR is:

Cookie cookie; //Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Cookie
var cookies = Context.Request.Cookies;

if (cookies.TryGetValue(dummyCookie, out cookie) && cookie.Value != null)
    var receivedCookie = cookie.Value; //Here is the problem, as I can't do .Values[<key>]


Does anyone know how to do this?


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Although the question is too old. Hope this helps others.

I am using SignalR and here is the solution:

var httpContext = Context.Request.GetHttpContext();
var dummyCookie= httpContext.Request.Cookies["dummyCookie"];

if(dummyCookie != null)
   var receivedCookie = dummyCookie["IdOne"]; // result




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