Is there an easy way to find all the dependencies of a structure?

When writing extensions in Swift / categories in Objective-C, I need to work out a structured way to organize them in my Xcode project. I thought it would be nice to take into account the dependencies of the various Apple frameworks.

Consider an example in a MKMapView

struct class MapKit

. It has a property centerCoordinate

that has a type CLLocationCoordinate2D

. And CLLocationCoordinate2D

belongs to the structure CoreLocation

. Thus, structure MapKit

is structure dependent CoreLocation


(see )

I know that I can browse the relevant header files to gather the information I am looking for. But this is pretty tiresome.

Is there somewhere an overview of the dependencies of all Apple frameworks that come with the iOS / macOS SDK? Or a more convenient way to define them?


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Running otool

(I can't find the official man page) with the option -L

above the framework binary should give you all the dependencies:

$ otool -L /path/to/ABC.framework/Versions/Current/ABC




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