Mock controller with object parameter

I'm trying to test a method with this signature:

@RequestMapping(value="/Employee/{id}", method=RequestMethod.PUT, consumes="application/json") 
public @ResponseBody Map update(@PathVariable Integer id, 
    @RequestBody HashMap<String, Object> information) {



The problem is that the param MockMvc attributes only take String parameters, is there a way to pass an HashMap

instance class object or object to the RequestBody parameter as a parameter?

When I try to pass HashMap

as a string, I get a MismatchException.


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For this you need to use Jackson. The idea is to deserialize your objects (it doesn't matter if it's a HashMap) into a JSON string and pass it to MockMvc.

Here's a tutorial on how to do it . Just search for TestClass and see how it is used. Skip unit testing the GET requests.



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