Android-Dexopt error

I am doing a project in android studio, using some .so files. I made a mistake and I changed the .so files in my project. I have a similar project in eclipse and I copy .so files to android lib jnilib studio and this is what I get:

 installation failed since the device possibly has stale dexed jars that don't match the current version (dexopt error) in order to procceed, you hava to uninstall the existing application 


I remember that when I import a project into android studio it does something with them, maybe it has something to do with it ..

If anyone knows this will be very helpful.

I tried to wash everything. In this case, I am not connected.



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The solution was to import the .so file with android studio tools and not copy the file. I think when I imported it using android studio tools it added some lines to gradle file.



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