Scala list of lists counts different elements for index of subscriptions

I have a list of lists with the following data

val list = List (List ("a", "b", "c"), List ("d", "e", "f"), List ("a", "a", "a"))

I want to get rid of how many different data I have in each position of the subscriptions

1 β†’ List ("a", "d", "a")

2 β†’ List ("b", "e", "a")

3 β†’ List ("c", "f", "a")

Is there a way to do this? It doesn't need to be indexed, but I need a number of different values ​​for the sublist index, the result could be

2 // different values ​​of a and d

3 // different values ​​of b, e and a

3 // different values ​​of c, f and a


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As I noted in a comment on Jhonny Everson (almost to the right, but now removed), you can use transpose

to get a list of columns and then distinct

to remove duplicates:

res0: List[Int] = List(2, 3, 3)


This will throw an exception if all the lists are not the same size, but perhaps what you want.



res0: List[Int] = List(2, 3, 3)


The output list.transpose

is equal List(List(a, d, a), List(b, e, a), List(c, f, a))

, which gives you the structure you want and then match each List

with Set

to get the unique elements and count them.

If you need unique items for each position, you can use zipWithIndex

and cancel exits.

scala> => t._2 -> t._1)
res1: List[(Int, List[String])] = List((0,List(a, d)), (1,List(b, e, a)), (2,List(c, f,   a)))




Here is the code you wanted:

var lOfl = List(List.range(1,5), List(2,2,2,3), Nil)
   //> lOfl  : List[List[Int]] = List(List(1, 2, 3, 4), List(2, 2, 2, 3), List())
for {
   l <- lOfl
} yield l.toSet.count(_ => true)  //> res1: List[Int] = List(4, 2, 0)


An example Int list list is created as lOfl; for a loop, iterates through each Int list; toSet converts the list to set the duplicate exclusion. then the count function does as the name says everything. OR use Scala's most commonly used collection function (: P: P), a map as below, => l.toSet.count(_ => true) )       //> res2: List[Int] = List(4, 2, 0)




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