In vim command line mode: how to kill line from current cursor position to end

<c-k>: kill-line

bash function , which means "kill" the line from the current cursor position to the end of the line. how to do it in command line mode vim

when editing a command?

when entering :echo 'hell|o world'

this command in vim

command line mode and the cursor is in position |

, how to kill the line to become :echo 'hell



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I found this key binding in Shougo vimrc which sets Ctrl+ kto delete to the end of the line:

" <C-k>, K: delete to end.
cnoremap <C-k> <C-\>e getcmdpos() == 1 ?
      \ '' : getcmdline()[:getcmdpos()-2]<CR>


Note that this does not preserve the rest of the string in case, as does the equivalent binding in bash or Emacs.

Check :h eval

for more information on what you can do on the command line.



Command line editing should not happen on the command line itself, but in the editor.

So there you have it <C-x>e

in bash and <C-f>

in Vim.



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