Emacs: find all commands with a particular name in their names

Is there a way to search all registered commands in emacs along with their names? For example, can I find all emacs commands with "kill" in their name?

I cannot find a list of all emacs commands, this one is the closest, but does not have the names of each command, only key bindings.This method requires web browsing, however, the built-in emacs command glossary is preferred ...


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Use the command apropos-command


C-h a kill RET


There are similar commands apropos-variable

and apropos

(which looks for commands, functions and variables).



As @jch said, and as you discovered from your search term: apropos-command

- your friend. Likewise, other commands apropos*

. But this is just the beginning of Emacs help.

If you are using the Icicles library , then every time you ask for the name of a command, function, variable, face, buffer, file, ... whatever, you have built-in, incremental, apropos help.

That is, Icicles completion of such a name allows you to use a regular expression or substring, not just a prefix, pattern always. This apropos completion is the most useful feature of Icicles .

In addition, you can use multiple templates to filter suitable candidates. It is much easier to use two or more simple patterns than trying to create a complex regular expression that gives you the same set of matches. This is a progressive completion .

Finally, Icicles gives you other apropos functions . It enhances vanilla apropos commands, provides additional apropos commands, and gives you help on every candidate for completion - both short and line descriptions (which the commands give apropos*

) and full lines of docs as requested.



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