Can you install two different versions of Android Studio on the same computer?

I only have one machine (Mac OS 10.9.5). I currently have a canary version of Android Studio and I am facing some error. So I want to install the stable version of Android Studio. Has anyone done this? Is there a problem with multiple versions installed on the same computer?


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You can specify this as an OSX question. Since I'm not on my Mac, I can't confirm this, but it doesn't hurt to download it and see. Before this happens, ask to confirm the installation. Many Max.dmg files can run an application in a standalone container without installing it. If it launches a GUI where you drag the Software into the application folder, you can simply launch the application as it is. If he has to install it, you can always move the existing Android studio to a different location and name and then install a new one (this will require looking for OSX how to do this)



In general, you can.

But be careful that there are cache folders under ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/AndroidStudioBeta

(or ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/AndroidStudioPreview

for real old versions) and ~/Library/Caches/AndroidStudioBeta

that will be shared by all "installations". So if your error is related to something inside that folder (like a plugin), you will have a problem :-)

You don't have to use both versions at the same time.



Yes, but you need to change the settings of one of the preferences to point to the other preferences and cache folders. After installation, but before the first launch, change the location of these folders to match this document .



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