Why does Google Analytics show the location of the goal completion as "input"

I am currently facing one problem with Google Analytics Goal Completion Location. Its display is "Target completion location as" (entry).

In google analytics, it looks like below -

Goal completion location || Links to xyz.com (completing goal 1) || % Links to xyz.com (completing goal 1)

  • /default-en.html || 831 || 55.59%
  • (input) || 25 || 1.67%

What does "enter" in "Goal Completion" mean and why is it displayed in the list below.

How can I remove this from the Target Completion Location list?


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"(entry)" indicates the page that served as the entry point to your site. You may not have had any funnel steps when setting up the URL, so when a user comes to your site, they go directly to the goal completion URL. It is not something that can be removed. Most likely, you will just need to add the funnel steps to your goal.



I experienced a similar problem. GA assigns an event to the currently enabled page user. This means you need to fire the event after you dispatched the pageview event. If you do it otherwise, GA will assign the event to the wrong (previous) page.



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