User user_groups permission not available for web apps?

I created an application that requires the user to show a list of their Facebook groups. I am asking for user_groups permissions and everything works fine in development.

I submitted my app to view to make it live, and my request to access user_groups was not approved with the following message:

The user_groups permission is only allowed for apps that allow people to use Facebook on platforms where Facebook isn't already available. If you create an app on Android and iOS, for example, you will not be approved for this permission. Apps on the Internet, desktop, and TV will also not receive this permission.

I just needed to make sure that I understand: isn't this permission allowed for Android, iOS, or web apps? This sounds weird ... Am I missing something?


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The answer is already in your question. No Android / iOS, TV app or web app can use this permission because these platforms have their own Facebook client ( counts as a Facebook client), so the user can just use groups directly on their own client.

I believe that all these group autostart apps made them do it. user_groups

mainly used for spam groups.



Check out the related article:

While you cannot get a list of user groups, you can post to a group if you have groupid and publish_actions rights.



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