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I have one simple question, that is, can I convert android.apk app to ios using any software? If so, please give me the name of this software. If any alternative method for this please help me.


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Google has a tool for converting back-end, nothing for front-end though



There is nothing that can convert apk to ios app. As far as I know, there is nothing that can translate the Android code into IOS.

However, there are tools you could use to make your apps work on both devices. I'm sure there are more of them, but here are 2 of them I found in a matter of minutes (check them out if you're interested): Apportable , Phonegap

Regarding your existing application, depending on the complexity of your software, you need to rewrite the code a bit for a lot of code to adapt to the IOS API.

In short: No. If your application is not based on a multi-platform framework, converting means manual adaptation.



There is a new launch that allows you to convert APK to IOS.

It's called MechDome .

The goal is very simple and attractive:

Reduce time to market by eliminating cross-platform development. Automatically convert existing Android apps to highly reliable, native iOS apps.



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