Maintain boolean toggle state when navigating in angularjs

I have a checkbox that toggles an image in a list box in angularjs. The switch shows images when pressed. However, when I navigate to other views and then return to the list view, the toggle state for the images is not checked.

List view

 <input type="checkbox" ng-click="vm.toggleImage()">



<td ng-if="vm.showImage">    
<img ng-src="{{task.imageUrl}}" class="img-responsive img-thumbnail img-circle" />



  // Show Image
  vm.showImage = false;
  vm.toggleImage = function () {
        //Inverse Boolean 
        vm.showImage = !vm.showImage;


Page updates are not refreshed during navigation.

How do I save images while the user navigates back and forth through the SPA?


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One way to solve this problem is to store your state / model in the service.

then you can inject it wherever you need it:

ItemController.$inject = ['Items'];
function ItemController (Items) {
   var vm = this;
   vm.items = Items;


the service is singleon. This is a fantastic way to say its object, which persists for the entire time the program is active.

An item service might look something like this:

function Items () {
  return [
     {name: 'test1', on:true},
     {name: 'test2', on:true},
     {name: 'test3', on:false},
     {name: 'test4', on:true},
     {name: 'test5', on:false},


You can see this in action in the next plunk you can click on any of the items and change their on / off state. then click login to start another route, there is a link that will take you back. the state will remain unchanged and the controller will be recreated.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions about this!



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