How to properly clear cached XIB in Xcode 6?

I have a simple XIB for a collection view cell and there is UIImageView

. I changed the resource name of the image that the image was shown from my-old-image-asset-name

to new-image

, updated the attributes of the image, and then changed the name of the image that the image referenced. The Builder interface looks the way I want it, however, when I run it in any of the simulators, I get a warning:

Failed to load image 'my-old-image-asset-name' referenced by thread bundled with id 'my app id'

This usually means there is a cached XIB in there somewhere, because the name of the old image object no longer exists and because the Builder interface looks correct.

I have tried all of the following in various combinations with no success. The simulators still reference this old asset name, presumably from a cached XIB.

  • Searched my app for all links to my-old-image-asset-name

    and couldn't find one.
  • Delete all received data
  • Closing Xcode then deleting all Derived data
  • Cleaning up the project.
  • Delete contents of / var / folders
  • Removing an app from the simulator
  • "Reset Content and Settings" on every Simulator that exhibits this behavior.
  • Search the web for various ways to clear the Xcode cache. (which lead to the main steps above).
  • Search SO but none of the results seem to be about Xcode 6.

I'm going to intimidate here while trying to update the XIN to update it, but now I'm stuck. Any ideas?


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