Creating a chart from DataGridView

I have a form with DataGridView

(2 columns : PartnerName

, Adult


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Please, I need to fill in data from DataGridView

in order to draw a chart and print a graph


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You can get an idea of ​​the following code:

private void DataGridBinding_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   // Populate series data using random data
  double[]    yValues = { 23.67, 75.45, 60.45, 34.54, 85.62, 32.43, 55.98, 67.23 };
  for(int pointIndex = 0; pointIndex < yValues.Length; pointIndex++)
    chart1.Series["Series1"].Points.AddXY(1990 + pointIndex, yValues[pointIndex]);

  // Export series values into DataSet object
  dataSet1 = chart1.DataManipulator.ExportSeriesValues("Series1");

  // Data bind DataGrid control. 
  SeriesValuesDataGrid.DataSource = dataSet1;

  // Set Series name for data
  SeriesValuesDataGrid.DataMember = "Series1";


private void SeriesValuesDataGrid_CurrentCellChanged(object sender,System.EventArgs e)
   // Initializes a new instance of the DataView class
   DataView firstView = new DataView(dataSet1.Tables[0]);

   // Since the DataView implements IEnumerable, pass the reader directly into
   // the DataBind method with the name of the Columns selected in the query    

   // Invalidate Chart


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You can get the complete project code from Samples for Microsoft Chart Controls and find the code from WorkWithData> DataManipulation> Exporting> DataGridBinding.



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