How to get collision detection of a rotating object in libgdx

I have a game object that will rotate.

import com.badlogic.gdx.Gdx;

public class Object extends AbstractGameObject{// AbstractGameObject is a class to apply physics on the object
private TextureRegion object;
float rot;
public Object(){
private void init() {
    dimension.set(2f, 2f);
    object = Assets.instance.object.object;//it just retrieves the texture region from assets class
    // Set bounding box for collision detection
    bounds.set(0,0, dimension.x, dimension.y);
public void render(SpriteBatch batch) {
    TextureRegion reg = null;
    final float degressPerSecond = 120.0f;
    rot = (rot + * degressPerSecond) % 360;
    reg = object;

            position.x, position.y,
            origin.x, origin.y,
            dimension.x, dimension.y,
            scale.x, scale.y,
            reg.getRegionX(), reg.getRegionY(),
            reg.getRegionWidth(), reg.getRegionHeight(),
            false, false);



Rectangle bounds = new Rectangle (); // say wt i means borders

with the help of float rot, the object will rotate. since the boundaries are given by a fixed point and since the boundaries have no rotation. my problem is that this object starts to rotate when my charac touches it. something has to happen. thanks u.


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You can create a polygon from your rectangle. Then apply rotation to the polygon. To check if a point is inside, simply use polygon.contains (x, y) and to check if it overlaps with another polygon, use the Intersector class.



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