Finding intersection of two rows in Pandas using an index

I have two series of different lengths and I am trying to find the intersection of two series based on the index where the index is a string. The end result is hopefully a series that has intersection elements based on shared row indices.

Any ideas?


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Pandas indexes have an intersection method that you can use. If you have two series, s1

and s2

, then



gives the index values ​​that are in s1

both s2


You can then use this index list to view the corresponding elements of the series. For example:

>>> ixs = s1.index.intersection(s2.index)
>>> s1[ixs]
# view of s1 with only the indexes also found in s2 appears here




Both of my data are increasing, so I wrote a function to get the indices, then filtered the data based on their indices.

np.shape(data1)  # (1330, 8)
np.shape(data2)  # (2490, 9)
index_1, index_2 = overlap(data1, data2)
data1 = data1[index1]
data2 = data2[index2]
np.shape(data1)  # (540, 8)
np.shape(data2)  # (540, 9)
def overlap(data1, data2):
    '''both data is assumed to be incrementing'''
    mask1 = np.array([False] * len(data1))
    mask2 = np.array([False] * len(data2))
    idx_1 = 0
    idx_2 = 0
    while idx_1 < len(data1) and idx_2 < len(data2):
        if data1[idx_1] < data2[idx_2]:
            mask1[idx_1] = False
            mask2[idx_2] = False
            idx_1 += 1
        elif data1[idx_1] > data2[idx_2]:
            mask1[idx_1] = False
            mask2[idx_2] = False
            idx_2 += 1
            mask1[idx_1] = True
            mask2[idx_2] = True
            idx_1 += 1
            idx_2 += 1
    return mask1, mask2




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