Is it possible to render SVG in Qt (5.3) TextEdit without quality loss?

I have a svg image with these attributes: viewBox="0 0 100 100"

This is the basic code I am using to display the svg:

  width: 50
  height: 50
  source: "test.svg"


and this is not normal because the image is rasterized before resizing to the width and height values ​​(50.50).

This code works great at any resolution:

  width: 50
  height: 50
  sourceSize.width: width
  sourceSize.height: height
  source: "test.svg"


because the image is drawn in the exact dimensions that are needed!

Is it possible to get the same functionality in TextEdit where the tag is used <img>


<img src="test.svg" width="50" height="50">


This code doesn't work because sourceSize cannot be set ... and the image is rasterized before resizing and displaying ...

Maybe there is another way to do this?


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The only solution is to provide the image size as part of the image url and override QTextDocument::loadResource

or QTextEdit::loadResource

in a derived class. Then your image element will look like this:

<img src="test.svg?50x50" width="50" height="50" />


You can parse the url in your implementation loadResource




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