Local Npm module "grunt-legacy-util" not found. Is it installed?

I have a problem with grunt serve

, (I don't know if it's ok) grunt serve

said it "works without error" but the first message is the local npm module "grunt-legacy-util" was not found. Is it installed? ", I need to delete the node_modules folder and make npm install to work with the server. I do grunt update, npm install grunt-legacy-util, npm install, npm update, but I will say the same message ... i use angularjs make with yeoman and webstorm, any idea please?


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You can run sudo command on it as the file is not available / hidden (for some odd reason).

sudo npm install -g grunt-legacy-util


Check this GitHub post should not work: https://github.com/Widen/fine-uploader/issues/1165

It could also be that your NPM, which is installed globally, collides with NPM in your root directory. Although unlikely.



This is what worked for me: npm update



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