Newsstand Info.plist app must contain UINewsstandApp.error.message = true

I am getting below error on iTunes connect while I am trying to upload my app. Everywhere I've read I just need to remove NewsstandIcon under CFBundleIcon

in info.plist

. I have done this and am still getting the same error code. I am a beginner when it comes to code, so if you can help please give me a complete description of how to do it. Below is the complete error message:

The Newsstand Info.plist application must contain UINewsstandApp.error.message = true and the CFBundleIcons.UINewsstandIcon dictionary. For more information, see Info List Property Reference Reference. To use the background "contentstand-content", your application must be enabled for Newsstand. For more information, see the Info Property List Reference.


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I found a solution: my app doesn't need Newsstand features. I added an icon to iTunesConnect to fill the gap and this will automatically activate Newsstand. After turning it off, I can submit the app to watch normally!;)

Good luck!



Application -> Click "Info" which is next to Build Settings -> Open the "Required Backgrounds" Array and delete the item named "Newstand".



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