Referring to the installed module inside Prefix.pch

Finally, taking the pods. Everything seems to work, for example in Parse, install pod'd, see it in controller.m file.

BUT. Now I want to drop Parse in pch as I use it a lot. My pre-pods line:

#import "Parse/Parse.h"


I tried this and

#import <Parse/Parse.h>



#import <Parse.h>


.. and every option I can think of is out of luck. I can, of course, refuse to import where necessary, but this is more convenient, despite suggestions not to use this route.

What I find most confusing is that the UI prefills the path for me for the second option, so it finds it, but on build it fails with

The Parse / Parse.h file was not found.

Thanks for suggesting a working syntax.


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This may not be a perfect answer as my cocoapods fans are using a repo, which is most likely due to my newness, but I had to manually create an entry in the user headers search path that was "Pods" and set it to recursive.

Everything was fine then.



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