How can I ignore VSTest err msgs in my Windows Store app?

When I build my Windows Store app, it shows me the output from the tests:

------ Discover test started ------
Failed to configure settings for runsettings plugin 'VSTest Run Configuration' as it threw following exception:
'An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 1, position 8.'
Please contact the plugin author.
========== Discover test finished: 0 found (0:00:00.1350029) ==========


  • and at the bottom of the window I see: "An unexpected error has been encountered. See for details." Test results panel "

I don't like it or you want to see it (for now, anyway). I don't have any tests. How can I keep silent about Test Nazis?


I don't know if there is a direct connection, but after installing the SQLite package updates for Windows 8 and later for Windows 8.1, those strange, rogue, non-compilation "exception" messages disappeared.

As Kip Dynamite said, "Dang it !!!" I wrote too early; the same err msg is now returned again.


Seems like changing my package name on the Package.appxmanifest tab from [some GUID] to [companyName.appName] solved it ... butt Y?


Just once (that's baaaaack!)


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I had this issue on the last day or so that prevented me from running unit tests on my projects.

Error An error occurred while parsing the EntityName. Line 1, position 8. is what you will return from XmlReader

if there is xml parsing, like unescaped characters.

In my case, I had & in the folder name at a higher level. Renaming the folder and then Build> Clean Solution seems to have fixed the problem.



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