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You can load the data that is in your Google Analytics dashboard in Big Query, and then maybe run some queries and export it. I know it is possible to export data from a large query, but the problem I am facing right now is accessing my dashboard data in a large query. Any insight on this would be really helpful.


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You can't set up BigQuery for Google Analytics without help. First you need to contact the Premium Support Manager and give him two bits of information:

  • ID of the BigQuery project that should receive your data
  • Google Analytics View ID

A Google Analytics account can handle multiple properties, and each property can have multiple views. A view is a subset of the data (defined by custom filters) collected for a single property. By default, each property has one view that contains all the data for the property. Google Analytics currently only supports exporting one view per property to BigQuery, so most likely you want this unfiltered view to be carried over to BigQuery, because then you can run queries on all data for your property. When you submit this request, you will be prompted to change your project's ACL so that Google Analytics can write data to your project. Specifically, you will be asked to add project edit permissions for an

Once you've done this, support will update your account configuration so that night work pushes your data into the project. The dataset will be created with a name equal to the view identifier specified in the query, and in this dataset a daily table will be created some time after the end of the day. Tables have the following naming pattern:ga_sessions_YYYYMMDD

Luckily , you can experiment with this feature without going through all this setup or even signing up for a premium account . The Google Analytics team provides sample data that you can use to understand the nature of the generated data. You can add this data to your view in the BigQuery user interface by adding a project

using the project menu (drop-down menu next to the project name, Switch to Project). Alternatively, you can go to the BigQuery interface link After adding the project, the sample data (LondonCycleHelmet) appears in the navigation bar. It contains two tables:

  • ga_sessions_20130910
  • refunds_201309

You can now ignore the second table. The first table is a sample table that contains data that matches what Google Analytics collects when users interact with a web property. Selecting a table displays a complex schema with a large number of fields



This is only available to Google Analytics Premium customers. If you contact your Google Analytics Premium account manager to learn how to set up BigQuery. You can't set up BigQuery for Google Analytics without help.

BigQuery Export for Google Analytics



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